April 2021

Bubbles and Buddha

brought to you by two besties trying to do good

We welcome springtime with open arms and a clear head and heart. Let the sunshine in and bring on the reset and renewal! Let’s celebrate the present—whether returning to work, being able to be closer to family and friends or simply indulging in some self care, which is critically important to maintaining your badassery!

We hope you enjoy our boss babe muses and the messages they share. Namaste!

the beauty of springtime

Two words come to mind when you experience a sacred facial with Megan—Life Changing. That was first the impression when meeting Megan years ago and it continues to be a lasting one as you follow her journey as she spreads her wings with all of her skin care businesses. If you are lucky enough to live or travel through Boise, Idaho, don’t walk, run to Megan’s sacred space for a facial. Another option is to follow her on Instagram and learn everything you never knew on how to take the very best care of your skin holistically. You will be glowing before you know it! 

And as the stars aligned, it was meant to be that Megan recently partnered with another goddess, creator, homesteader—her Mother. Together Megan and Christine have created and launched Earthed Skin Co., an extraordinary business where they create organic, handmade, perfected products to clean, sooth, heal and celebrate your skin! 

Blissful Beauty

Looking for some healing magic? To be inspired? Feel grounded? To be heard, seen, held, appreciated? Want more laughter, personal power, creativity and to live life to your fullest? Need a transformation, to feed your soul, but unsure how? Enter Goddess, Camden Hoch

Camden has so many shares and offerings it can make your head spin—in all good ways. Author, Life Coach, Mother, Wife, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, Sky Diver, Storyteller; we could go on. She is a continued inspiration, sharing her story with the world and offers tools for us to not only cope, but thrive. Joining Camden’s first class, you can be taken with her presence. Then within minutes you feel like you have a new best friend and you just want more.

Take a deep breath of springtime air and enjoy this grounding meditation led by Camden. Also, check out her online yoga classes, private coaching and, returning soon, her epic retreats. Bring it!

Balanced Badass

There is no such thing as a bad recipe when it comes to this badass in the kitchen. Whether you are looking to eat healthier and revamp your pantry, find new home-mades for the whole family to enjoy, or make a treat that you can feel good about, Fit Mitten Kitchen has it all. 

Recipe developer, photographer, super mom, writer, Ashley Walterhouse brings us recipes from all diets, favorite ingredients, and she makes creating these dishes Fun! 

Salads, entrees, protein and energy bars, muffins and treats—you will find answers to your cooking and lifestyle questions. And Ashley’s sense of humor and delivery makes you feel like neighbors and wouldn’t we all like to have her as the girl next door!

Need help deciding on what to try first? The Almond Flour Banana Bread is a weekly must and if you want something for the spring season, the Peanut Butter Eggs. Do it!

Beauty Boost Inside Out!

Can one have too much style? Too many accessories? We say—Never.

The sisters and co-founders of Twine and Twig bring amazing style to their accessory and lifestyle company launched in 2013. Inspired by their love for the outdoors, they travel around the world to find the perfect naturally-sourced pieces for their original, handmade, earthy accessories. You can never wear just one—the more you layer the better. Their color schemes, variety of styles and sizes can match any mood and outfit. We are always asked about our Twine and Twig whenever we adorn the chunky necklaces and arm parties and that’s almost always.

With each piece of jewelry comes a good deed. Giving back is just as important to Elizabeth and Jacquelyn as being successful entrepreneurs and moms. They have donated to a multitude of organizations in need as well as the beautiful land of the Carolinas. Their philosophy and style comes from southern roots, the bountiful earth and their love of travel. Follow Twig and Twine to be a part of the adventure, glamour, southern style and special offers.

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