September 2023

Bubbles and Buddha

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We are celebrating 6 months since our Bubbles and Buddha blog launched. It seems appropriate that we revisit a few of our favorite practitioners, event marketing leaders, and resources for our September publication.

As Fall arrives and corporate events are at their peak, remember to stop, breathe, meditate, take a walk, and be present. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

"I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Seynabou Cisse is a Senior Events Manager at Dell Industries, where she plans exciting incentive event experiences around the world.

Born in France, Seynabou spent 15 years in the U.S., earning her MBA from the University of Missouri. She started her event marketing career as a T.D. (travel director) and experienced life on the road - long hours, late nights, and high stress.  

After experiencing health issues, she evaluated her lifestyle and incorporated wellness into her everyday life. She became more attuned to her body, slowed down when it guided her to do so, maintained a regular meditation practice, ate a nourishing diet, reduced alcohol consumption, and prioritized self-care. She achieved equilibrium and regulation of her thyroid health in a way that prevented the need for surgical intervention. Through holistic self-management, she minimized health complications and created balance.

Seynabou is also known as Liorah. She is a global citizen, intuitive guide, and soul-purpose catalyst. Though Seynabou has always been intuitive, she did not know how to harness her gifts until a life-changing soul-purpose reading, quantum leaped her into stepping into her true purpose.  

She currently lives in London and is fully living her passion, planning incentives and catalyzing people on their soul-purpose journey.

Seynabou, as Liorah, helps clients worldwide discover and ignite their purpose through spiritual coaching and intuitive readings. With certifications as a Quantum Creation Oracle and as a Soul Transformation Therapist, she blends intuitive gifts with various modalities to help clients align with their highest potential.

With diverse life and work experiences across three continents, Seynabou is a driven and inspirational woman who loves empowering people to achieve their dreams.

She runs her spiritual coaching and intuitive services online at

Seynabou is offering a 20% DISCOUNT for all B&B Subscribers on a Soul Purpose Reading!

You can follow her work @yoursoulpurposecompass on Instagram and Facebook.


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Tracy Judge, MS, CMP
Founder and CEO

Tracy is an 18-year event industry veteran, entrepreneur, marketer, and thought leader in the hospitality and
event industries. She has a Master's in Hospitality and Tourism from San Diego State University.

Soundings is a talent platform connecting organizations with event and marketing talent, both freelance and full-time. Tracy founded Soundings in 2018 with a mission to create professional freedom for our industry and support the emerging freelance economy.

She started as a Travel Director and rotated through many agency roles in operations, sales, and leadership. The pace she worked at was exciting, and she continually pushed herself past her comfort zone. When she finally reached the role she always wanted, leading a meetings & incentives division of a travel agency, Tracy realized she wasn't happy. She could feel the pressure and stress of her work paired with stakeholder management and politics that went along with it deeply in her body. 

Since traditional talk therapy had never really helped, she began experimenting with a variety of modalities: polarity therapy and working with an energy healer to calm her nervous system.  

Her somatic healer helped her to work through past trauma that triggered her nervous system. Practitioners of somatic therapy view the mind and body as intrinsically linked. They believe that trauma and other chronic negative emotions can get trapped inside our bodies and affect our mental health.

Over time, she experienced a transformation. She began to sleep better and release tension in the body, negative thoughts, and negative energy. She learned to understand herself through her body and, as a result, gained a new level of self-awareness and agency. 

She now encourages her team to find a modality that works for them and guides them on their wellness journey. As part of Soundings' goal setting, her entire team is encouraged to set, share, and protect three personal boundaries supporting their mental health.


We have been incorporating health and wellness into our events for years, and it's so wonderful to see that it is officially a trend as our event community is now making an effort to bring inspirational calm to their attendees' experiences. Providing quiet space to meditate and reflect, offering early morning activities to kick start the day, incorporating meditation into the actual keynote/breakout agenda, and bringing in professionals to lead health-based activities can be among the most valuable inclusions to your event.

We welcome back one of our favorite healers - 
On a heart-based mission to spread love and harmony worldwide, Lisa Rueff leads with her heart and inspires others to do the same with her joyful, motivating approach to life. As a Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur, Sound Healer, Breath-Work Instructor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Event Producer, Wellness Expert, Life and Business Coach, and Psychedelic Journey Guide, — she is known for orchestrating heart-opening events and transformative experiences.

If you are looking to create a nourishing and enriching experience at a future event, look no further than a Sound Bath. As you relax and feel enveloped in bliss, you simultaneously optimize your well-being on a rejuvenating journey through the healing art of sound. An acoustic Sound Healing Journey calms your central nervous system, clears your subconscious, relaxes your mind, and activates your body's natural healing systems. Just show up and let the nurturing vibrations, frequencies, sounds, and harmonies wash away stress and all that no longer serves you, creating spaciousness for what it is you desire to bring in, leading to a renewed sense of vitality and calibration within.

Lisa uses a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments, including Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Frame Drums, and Gong Koshi Chimes, to guide you into a deep state of blissful relaxation and transcendental meditation that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and recalibrated. 

To learn more, you can contact Lisa directly at 415.297.1944,, or She looks forward to speaking with you! 

Please visit our past blog to see more offerings from Lisa as she continues to spread love.


Jeanine Allpress-Cliffe is a Soul-Body Therapist and Energy Healer. Her journey as a wellness practitioner started 10 years ago when she struggled with deep anxiety and lost the ability to trust her intuition. 

A friend referred her to an intuitive, someone who channels messages from one's spiritual team (who doesn't want a spiritual team!) for their highest and greatest good. Her experience was so transformational she started down a path of personal exploration. 

She began to build her psychic awareness, leading her to train in energy healing, Celtic shamanic work, Akashic record reading, and hypnotherapy. 

As her personal practice expanded, she felt called to offer these unique forms of healing to others - Journey Meditations, Energy Healing/Reiki, Hypnosis & Visualization Techniques, Spirit Baby Connections, Ancestral Healing, Sound Healing, Akashic Records & Art Therapy. 

Her private practice is located at Citrine in Larkspur, California.  

As a Global Account Director at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Jeanine saw the stress and anxiety so many clients and guests were facing firsthand.  

She uses her personal experience and training to design and facilitate wellness retreats incorporating different practitioners and experiences. 
She connects her corporate clients with beautiful hotel properties worldwide where they discover the healing elements of nature and ultimately learn how to integrate these practices to serve their customers and stakeholders.

Jeanine helps her private practice clients to heal and gain insight on a soul and energetic level.
Recognizing that healing is multi-dimensional, she has expanded her healing practice to incorporate energy healing, somatic visualization techniques, and channeled guidance.

She has found balance and purpose through her personal practice and her work with Four Seasons clients. All of this while raising 3 vibrant children, ages 10, 12, and 15.

Follow Jeanine on social media @souljourneywork or book a session HERE.


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