May 2023

Bubbles and Buddha

brought to you by two besties trying to do good

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, according to a Chinese proverb.

Our wellness journey is unique and personal for each of us. There is no single path to follow; we all have different physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, which shift, change, and flow based on our life circumstances. Strive to take one step toward your wellness goals each day. 

While we are on the topic of journeys, if you are traveling over the summer, snap a photo of a Buddha or Bubbles that may come across your path and email your photo to us at along with a location and any details you’d like to include. We’ll include your photo in an upcoming blog, and at random, pick three winners and send you a bottle of bubbles (must be 21 and over). 

Tracy Judge, MS, CMP
Founder and CEO

Tracy is an 18-year event industry veteran, entrepreneur, marketer, and thought leader in the hospitality and event industries. She has a Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism from San Diego State University.

Soundings is a talent platform connecting organizations with event and marketing talent, both freelance and full-time. Tracy founded Soundings in 2018, with a mission to create professional freedom for our industry and support the emerging freelance economy.

She started as a Travel Director and rotated through many agency roles in operations, sales, and leadership. The pace she worked at was exciting, and she continually pushed herself past her comfort zone. When she finally reached the role she always wanted, leading a meetings & incentives division of a travel agency, Tracy realized she wasn’t happy. She could feel the pressure and stress of her work paired with stakeholder management and politics that went along with it deeply in her body. 

Since traditional talk therapy had never really helped, she began to experiment with a variety of modalities: polarity therapy and working with an energy healer in an effort to
calm her nervous system.  

Her somatic healer helped her to work through past trauma that triggered her nervous system. Practitioners of somatic therapy view the mind and body as intrinsically linked. They believe that trauma and other chronic negative emotions can get trapped inside our bodies and affect our mental health.

Over time she experienced a transformation. She began to sleep better and release tension in the body, negative thoughts, and negative energy. She learned to understand herself through her body and, as a result, gained a new level of self-awareness and agency. 

She now encourages her team to find a modality that works for them and guides them on their wellness journey. As part of Soundings’ goal setting, her entire team is encouraged to set, share, and protect three personal boundaries that support their mental health.


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A new, fabulous concept is on the block. The Ranch offers award-winning, luxury health and wellness programs designed to recalibrate the mind and body through an intense fitness regimen paired with a highly structured, plant-based nutritional diet. Founded in 2010 with the opening of The Ranch Malibu, The Ranch recently expanded its signature program into Fiuggi, Italy, fifty minutes outside of Rome. In June 2023, The Ranch Hudson Valley will also open its doors.
The inclusive experience is limited to 25 guests per session (up to 50 for group buyouts) with a program ranging from three days to a multi-week stay, depending on location. Each day features an active schedule of picturesque hikes, strength and core training classes, yoga, spa treatments, and nutritionally dense, plant-based meals. Results include a 3%-6% of body weight, muscle gain, improved cholesterol levels, and an experience of body and soul freedom, connection, and rejuvenation.

Contact Chris Reed for more details and booking.

Wellness Pop-Up Brand – The Ranch

We are always scouting new opportunities for client, team, and partner vendor gifts. And when I recently researched an option for something new to share with my clients, I was looking for an organic treat, made locally, that would provide something unique. The stars were aligned when I found Flour & Branch.
Flour & Branch is a one-of-a-kind brand with big, pudgy heart serving San Francisco and the whole USA with artisan nostalgia-inspired baked goods made with organic and natural ingredients; Kerrygold grass-fed butter, artisan flour, farm fresh eggs, the finest sugars, and vanilla.
They offer famous specialties like soft baked stuffed cookies (!), stuffed French toast, pastries, cakes, breakfast and lunch treats, and delicious gifting ideas. And get ready for this… through the end of 2023, they are offering OUR viewers a 10% discount on all orders! 

How yummy is that!?

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Badass Boss Making Treats to Live For!

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